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Is Taylor Construction Services a general contractor?

Taylor Construction Services provides a variety of selective interior/exterior demolition services, however, we are NOT a general contractor. We have very strong relationships with a large number of metro area general contractors and are able to facilitate a variety of projects.

Does Taylor Construction Services handle project permitting?

Taylor Construction Services will provide any requested information to facilitate acquiring a permit, but does not handle any required permits.

What information is needed for bid pricing?

In the ideal situation, a site visit would be scheduled/coordinated to discuss the potential demolition scope; If a site visit cannot be scheduled/coordinated, a detailed outline of the scope (items) of demolition and available photos of the project site will help to develop a bid submittal.

Are dumpsters included with bid pricing?

Unless indicated, all bid pricing includes dumpsters and the haul off of any demolition debris.

If pricing is acceptable, how long will it take to schedule my project?

Scheduling is based on the existing project backlog and the size of your project. Once pricing is agreed upon, projects are scheduled in the first available slot.

What is the earliest start time for a residential project?

For occupied residential projects, the earliest start time is 8:00 AM; for unoccupied residential projects, the start time is agreed upon with the homeowner and General Contractor overseeing the project.